Optimal Ventilation Solution in Mask Fan

May 12, 2021 | Ruiapple

With the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, maintaining social distancing has become an important measure in people's lives to prevent the spread of the epidemic when the vaccine cannot be vaccinated on a large scale. However, it is still inevitable to completely avoid contact in daily life, and you must wear a mask when you do contact. It has become a necessary protective measure. Ruianpu's compact fans and blowers have the characteristics of extremely light weight, low power consumption and high air volume, and can be widely used in wearable air purifiers, electronic masks, etc.
Philips is developing safe, social and sustainable solutions to deal with the current COVID-19 crisis. We cooperated with Ruipple for a new product. The mask is suitable for heat dissipation. The equipment should be light. It can run for 8 hours and keep breathing. Become a new choice for personal fashion.
Ruiapple focuses on the research and development of core motor technology. In the fields of motors, fans, cooling modules, ventilation and air purification solutions, Ruianpu has been innovating continuously for decades and leading the industry trend.