Product description:
Ruiapple DC Cross Motors with 12 multi-phase less than 5mg Excellent balanced High speed Low Noise High load ability EMC passed. Ruiapple offer several models of DC cross flow fans Motor All motor parts are designed and manufactured by RUEAPPLE with unique features in each of the models. Dc Cross fan motor Diameter range is from 24.5mm to 50mm Fit impellers range from 25mm to 70mm in diameter and 76mm to 360 mm in length depending upon the model. The 180° Air Flow Inlet brush models are available in impeller diameters of 32mm and lengths ranging in size from 105mm to 290mm. Available in potential difference of 12 24 and 48 volts. Sample avalible Development Customized Provide whole Cross Fam solution.

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Model No. RA-DCMT 30.5mm
Product Types Cross Fan Motor
Product Types DC Motor

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