The role of blades on DC fans

The role of blades on DC fans
The DC fan converts electrical energy into machinery through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction to drive the rotation of the blades. Therefore, the fan shell and blades are an indispensable whole. Most people know these two parts are very important, so one of them What kind of role does it have?
    First, the curvature of the blade: within a certain range, the greater the curvature of the blade, the greater the kinetic energy of the gas at the same speed, that is, the greater the air volume and wind pressure; at the same time, the greater the resistance of the blade, which requires the torque of the motor Bigger.
    Second, the diameter of the motor: Due to the existence of the motor and the bearing, the central part of the DC fan spindle is inevitably without a blind zone through which air flows. The diameter of the spindle determines the size of the blind zone. The diameter of the main shaft mainly depends on the power of the fan motor-a high-power motor requires a larger stator winding coil, which will inevitably occupy more space. If it cannot be expanded vertically (increased height), it has to expand horizontally ( Increase area).
    Third, the curvature of the blade: In addition to a certain curvature in the section, the blade does not extend straight in the radial direction in the top view plane, but is slightly curved in the direction of rotation, showing a certain arc. If the blades extend straight in the radial direction, the airflow driven by the rotation of the silent fan will be scattered on the side of the air outlet, the air supply distance is short, and the "power" is not concentrated; if the current product version has a slight curvature, the airflow can be guaranteed Concentrate in the columnar space directly in front of the air outlet to increase the air supply distance and wind pressure.
    Fourth, blade spacing: If the distance between the blades is too small, it will cause air flow disturbance, increase the friction on the blade surface, and reduce the fan efficiency; if the distance between the blades is too large, it will lead to increased pressure loss and insufficient wind pressure.
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