What is the difference between a DC fan and an AC fan?

What is the difference between a DC fan and an AC fan?
1. Working principle:
The working principle of the DC fan: through the 4102 DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, 1653 is converted from electrical energy into machinery to drive the rotation of the blade. The coil and IC are constantly switched, and the induction magnetic ring drives the blade to rotate.
The working principle of AC fan: It is driven by AC power, and the voltage will alternate between positive and negative. It does not rely on circuit control to generate a magnetic field. The frequency of the power supply is fixed, and the change speed of the magnetic poles produced by the silicon steel sheet is determined by the frequency of the power supply. The higher the frequency, the faster the magnetic field switching speed, and the faster the rotation speed in theory. However, the frequency should not be too fast, too fast will cause difficulty in starting.
2. Structure composition:
The rotor of the DC fan includes the fan blades of the DC fan, which are the source of air flow, the fan axis, which is used to support the rotation of the balanced fan blades, the rotor magnetic ring, permanent magnets, promote the magnetic level switching, the key to the speed, the magnetic ring frame, and the fixed magnet ring. In addition, it also includes supporting springs. Through these parts, the whole part and the motor part are fixed to rotate the tuberculosis, and the direction of rotation is produced, and the speed of the active and large rotation is critical. Its speed regulating performance is good and the control is simple.
The internal structure of an AC fan (single-phase) is composed of two coil windings, one is the start winding, and these two windings are connected in series to form three points. The series point is the common end, and the start winding end is the start end. The end of the winding is the running end. In addition, a starting capacitor is needed. The capacity is usually between 12uf and the withstand voltage is usually 250v. There are two connectors. One end is connected to the end of the starting winding and the other is connected to the end of the running winding to form a triangle. The power supply (no need to distinguish between the live wire and the neutral wire) is connected to the end of the running winding (that is, connected to one end of the capacitor), and the other is connected to the common end, and the grounding wire is connected to the motor casing.
3. Material characteristics:
DC fan material: it is made of alloy material, and the life span can be used continuously for more than 50,000 hours. The internal structure of the DC has a transformer and a main control board (including frequency conversion circuit, rectification filter, amplifying circuit, etc.), which will not be affected by voltage fluctuations, so its use Longer life.
The internal structure of the AC fan is mainly a transformer. Most of the materials used for AC fans are made of domestically made discharge needles, which are generally tungsten needles or stainless steel materials. If the voltage fluctuates too much, the service life of the transformer will be affected.
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