How to choose a more reasonable axial fan?

How to choose a more reasonable axial fan?
When many people choose an axial fan for the first time, because they have no idea about the air volume and noise of the axial fan, they may not know the price of the axial fan. Therefore, when choosing an axial fan, there is no way to start. In fact, it's not that complicated. Ryan Pu teaches you three ways to get it done easily.
    Step 1: Choose a DC fan with the largest size that you think can be installed, determine the voltage, and ask the axial fan supplier to do a test to see the effect. If the sample is not suitable, confirm the relevant parameters by the following method
    Because the fan speed is proportional to the voltage, increase the voltage by 20% or decrease by 50%. If you adjust to which voltage value, you can test the air volume and noise. Write down the voltage value at this time. The supplier designs a 12V fan according to the speed and air volume of this voltage
    Step 2: Redesign the axial fan according to the parameters confirmed by the customer. (Of course, if the first step fails to achieve the desired effect in any case, you need to change the size of the fan. At this time, you can discuss the new size with the fan supply and follow the first step)
     The third step: According to the product warranty time and the harsh environment, choose what kind of bearing to use, which directly affects the cost of the Dc axial fan. The life of oil-impregnated bearings is 20,000 hours under normal temperature and normal conditions, and the life of double ball bearings is 50,000 hours under normal temperature and normal conditions. In high temperature and dusty environments, the life of oil-impregnated bearings decreases faster than double ball bearings. Of course, the price Also cheaper
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