Research based on cooling fan

                                           Regarding electronic heat dissipation, the research on high power density, high performance, and intelligent cooling fans is the key, mainly in the following aspects

1. With the development of electronic information technology, the data processing speed is getting faster and faster, and the high power density of the cooling fan is becoming more and more important for the electronic cooling system. It is necessary to focus on the motor power density of the cooling fan, with a small size Output high power to meet the ventilation and heat dissipation needs of future high-end intelligent products;
2. High physical performance, to ensure the heat dissipation effect of the cooling fan, the future control system or control module will run super fast, such as the current mining machine, 5G terminal module high-speed data processing equipment, no air volume, wind pressure high physical performance The cooling fan will not work;
3. Intelligent control of cooling fan, interconnect communication interface with intelligent future equipment, realize Internet of Things control;
4. Research on cooling fan motors and air ducts to meet the needs of emerging industries. In this regard, we mainly study the driving algorithms of cooling fan motors and the structural problems of air ducts to meet the needs of people's living environment improvement;