Naming rules for cooling fans

The following is an introduction to the naming of the cooling fan. According to the general naming convention of the cooling fan industry, the identification of the cooling fan is as follows:

1) The first group of letters represents the fan brand: generally consists of several letters representing the manufacturer, for example, the two letters "RA" represent that the manufacturer of the cooling fan of this model is Mianyang Anpu Electric Co., Ltd.

2) The second group of letters: indicates the type of fan, generally "DC" stands for DC fan, AC stands for AC fan, and EC stands for AC to DC fan.
3) The first set of numbers: indicates the size of the cooling fan, generally expressed by the fan's length, width and thickness data, such as "8025" this set of numbers, representing the appearance of the cooling fan, the length and width are 80mm, the fan The thickness is 25mm.
4) The third group of letters: indicates the speed level of the cooling fan and the configuration of the bearing. The preceding letters represent the high and low speed levels, respectively D (ultra low speed), L (low speed), M (medium speed), H (high speed) Speed), U (Ultra-high speed); the letters B or S in the back represent ball bearings and Korean oil bearings respectively.