Application of DC fan in fresh air system


As people’s demand for air quality in the living environment increases, in many working and living environments, fresh air systems have begun to be installed to ensure that the ambient air is clean and fresh. DC fans have become an important component of the fresh air system, because DC fans Has the following advantages:
1. DC fans have a wide range of speed regulation. Generally, the speed regulation of DC fans can achieve stepless speed regulation from 0 to full speed. According to different types of speed regulation signals, they are generally divided into PWM speed regulation fans and Vsp speed regulation fans. All kinds of speed regulation methods can realize the stepless speed regulation in the range of models.
2. The brushless DC fan has high efficiency. The brushless DC fan uses the DC synchronous motor driving principle. Compared with the AC motor, the efficiency is more than 30% higher. The efficiency of the ordinary AC motor is about 45%, while the efficiency of the brushless DC motor is average. Above 75%.
3. The motor control algorithm of the brushless motor can realize the low electromagnetic vibration sound of the fan, and solve the noise problem of the fresh air system or the air purifier. For example, the current FOC control algorithm is a good always-driven control algorithm.
4. It is easy to achieve high performance to meet the requirements of fresh air system or air purifier for air volume and pressure, because fresh air system or air purifier products need to purify air, they have air filtration treatment layer, and the change of filtration treatment layer has relatively large wind resistance If there is no fresh air with higher static pressure, the fresh air cannot pass through the filter layer to allow users to obtain fresh air. The DC fan is driven by a synchronous motor, and the synchronous speed depends on the operating frequency of the drive circuit, so it overcomes the limitation of the ordinary AC motor speed by the power frequency.
5. In addition, the DC fan is more intelligent and easy to achieve compatibility with the Internet of Things. Restricted DC fans can have functions such as speed detection output function (FG), speed control port (PWM, Vsp, temperature control and other control function interfaces), fault alarm function (RD) and other functions.